Optellum is attending the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting

Optellum is attending the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago along with our partners from GE Healthcare.

At this year’s ASCO 2022 annual meeting, GE Healthcare will demonstrate how a collection of strategic partnerships and collaborations announced over the past year will help advance cancer care and offer medical practitioners the solutions, imaging tools and support they need to improve patient-centered care and advance the practice of precision medicine.

“GE Healthcare’s innovative suite of predictive, prescriptive and precision oncology solutions helps support the delivery of more efficient, precise and personalized care across the cancer care continuum. Through our collaboration with other technology leaders, we can continue to elevate oncology innovation and help improve clinical, operational, and patient outcomes at every state and at every step of the care pathway,” said Ben Newton, MD, General Manager for GE Healthcare Oncology Solutions.

GE Healthcare and Optellum are working together to address one of the largest challenges in the diagnosis of lung cancer – helping providers determine the malignancy of a lung nodule, a suspicious lesion that may be benign or cancerous. Optellum is a leader in AI decision support for the early diagnosis and optimal treatment of lung cancer, and their Virtual Nodule Clinic can help clinicians identify at-risk patients and assess the likelihood of malignancy in a lung nodule through a radiomics score – which is key to determining whether biopsy is necessary and accelerating overall diagnosis. Virtual Nodule Clinic is the only FDA-cleared AI-assisted diagnosis software for early-stage lung cancer – enabling clinicians to make optimal management decisions for patients with lung nodules.

Read more on the GE website here.