Oxford secures £17.5 million to lead the world in imaging AI, in partnership with Optellum

Big Data Institute

Optellum team and advisors took the lead role in preparing the winning bid, with Optellum Chairman,  Prof Sir Michael Brady FRS named the Executive Chairman of the NCIMI consortium led by University of Oxford.

Optellum teams up with 15 NHS hospital trusts to develop AI decision support to guide optimal imaging follow-up, monitoring and treatment of cancer survivors. Potential patient benefits include speeding up the time to the right choice of effective therapy and avoiding inappropriate or unnecessary procedures that may cause harm to the patients (lung biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy).

“We’re very excited to be part of this world-leading consortium and believe that, together, we can bring real benefits to the National Health Service patient and beyond.” says Dr. Timor Kadir, Optellum Chief Science and Technology Officer.

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