Prof Sam Janes joins Optellum Medical Advisory Board

Prof Sam Janes MD FRCP

Optellum welcomes an internationally renowned physician and scientist in early lung cancer diagnosis and treatment,  Dr. Sam Janes MD, to join its Medical Advisory Board.

Prof. Janes works as a respiratory consultant at UCLH with a particular interest in Lung Cancer, mesothelioma, interventional and diagnostic bronchoscopy and early lung cancer detection. He is Head of Respiratory Research Department at UCL, director of the Lung Cancer Board for London Cancer, lead for Pulmonary at the International Society of Cellular Therapies and Vice-Chair of the National ‘Clinical Expert Group’ on Lung Cancer.

Prof. Janes’s research focuses on genetic and cellular changes in lung cancer pathogenesis. The ambition is that from this knowledge he can develop therapies detecting and targeting early lung cancers and thereby dramatically improve outcomes.

Prof. Janes runs the UCLH lung cancer team. He has developed a new endobronchial ultrasound service and performs all the invasive bronchoscopic techniques. He is running several clinical trials aiming to improve the patient journey of diagnosis and staging of lung cancers.

Prof. Janes joins a global team of physicians that help Optellum redefine early intervention in lung cancer, including

  • Prof. Lutz Freitag MD,  Interventional Pulmonologist, Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna & medical device inventor (100+ patents in pulmonary medicine)
  • Prof. Fergus Gleeson MD, Professor of Radiology,  University of Oxford  (co-author of British Thoracic Society pulmonary nodule & NICE lung cancer guidelines)
  • Prof. Pierre Massion MD,  Pulmonologist, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Medicine, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, Vanderbilt Medical Center (co-author NCCN lung cancer guidelines)
  • Prof. Reginald Munden MD, Chair of Radiology,  Wake Forrest Baptist Health (ACR guidelines, M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre PI in the US National Lung Screening Trial).
  • Prof. Matthijs Oudkerk MD, Chair of Radiology, University Medical Center Groningen (co-PI NELSON Study – Europe’s largest lung screening trial)